I am the happy creator of the menagerie of hand crafted British animals and endangered animal friends visiting from near and far away lands. 

These and other little woodland folk are intentionally crafted and are simply too hard to ignore. They serve to enhance playtime and add authentic qualities to the building blocks of a relationship. They are created with the understanding that play forges a strong sense of identity and nourishes a positive well-being

Ginger Squirrel Makes presents products that extends emotional literacy by: 

a. Strengthening the bond between parents, carers and children through a daily ring-fenced Story Time;

b. Constructing a healthy self image using information cards and prompts that come with a 'WORKING BEAR';  

c. Nurturing resilience using the 'BACK-UP BUDDIES' set with resources 

d. Increasing awareness of our responsibility to preserve the environment (Mother Nature) by using familiar British animals and related Fun Facts information cards.

A lifetime within education has gifted me invaluable insight into the worlds to which children retreat using the magic of play. Unstructured play time is precious. It must be protected and nourished for the sake of our children's well-being and stronger mental health.